Our History

WE-CARE Foundation, a Liberian education not-for-profit, was founded in 1992 amid a brutal civil war. It started with a book chain program where people could take books from WE-CARE and after reading, simply share it with another person without returning it. Read more

WE-CARE Foundation owns the independent community WE- CARE Library - one of the very few public libraries in Liberia- distributes free books, trains teachers, teacher educators, librarians, writers, illustrators, publishers, and publishes culture relevant and engaging Liberian books. Also, it teaches children to read and develop a love for books in the Story Hour for Kids Program. Addressing the need to educate girls, older girls, in senior high school and college, serve as readers and role models for the younger children.

What we do
Why it is unique

WE-CARE Foundation is dedicated to the centrality of reading in society. The library opened every day during the many years of civil war in Liberia and today, it is one of the only libraries in Liberia to be opened to the general public with all services absolutely free. Reading Liberia, supported through the WE-CARE/CODE partnership, was the first to produce color illustrated, locally written culture relevant children’s books, and is the only initiative to combine quality books with teacher training that encourages students to read and write effectively. With the support of OSI/OSIWA, critical thinking and participatory learning have become part of the mode of instruction in Liberia, and Friends of Liberia /HIPPY, through the Family Literacy Initiative Project, is carrying education directly to the homes making the parents the first teachers of their children.

Our goal

WE-CARE aims to foster a love of books and reading based on the truism: Reading children become reading adults, and reading adults become informed citizens that can make sound decisions that affect their social and economic development.

Our Values

Love and care are our hallmarks, with integrity, dedication to better service delivery and concern for our target communities, and commitment to their improvement. 

Whom we work with
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