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The Reading Liberia  program(RL) trains in-service  teachers for the C- Primary Teacher Certificate with focus on basic pedagogical skills, reading and writing in the classroom while incorporating  critical thinking and participatory learning. WE-CARE Reading Liberia Program is one of the few institutions with the mandate from the Ministry of Education to certificate primary teachers.  The program objective (besides  pedagogical skills and content) is to train and qualify teachers to  teach the Liberian children to read and to write, two of the most  important components presently missing in the primary grades. The teacher training program runs for a period of 18 months (Four 7 days workshop followed by intensive monitoring, mentoring and assessment in the classroom). The RL program is  in four counties

(Monrtserrado, Bomi, Margibi and Bassa) and operates in 42 primary schools; about 1,350 teachers have gone through the program  with about 600 being certificated with the C-Certificate. Reading Liberia also produces children readers that are fun to read and culturally relevant and in which the children can see themselves in them.  The books are written, illustrated and designed  by Liberian writers, illustrators  and book designers trained by WE-CARE.  To date,  22 children readers have been published under this program and WE-CARE continues to produced at least seven  children books every year. This is to fulfill WE-CARE goal to support reading by making  a variety of interesting books available to the Liberian children and specifically to its  42 primary program school libraries. This also  includes reading activities such as  reading competition  on the school, district and county levels which WE-CARE presently does; for  2019, it was  done in Bassa.

Reading Liberia has several components:

  1. The Girl Accelerated Learning Initiative (GALI) is an after school program for  over-aged girls ( 8- 15 years  in grades 1-3) by preparing them to  be promoted at least twice a year to enable them to be in their age appropriate grades. 

  2. The CALIBRI Program  - uses technology in the classroom working with computer tablets.  The tablets are used with learning materials downloaded from the net for the students to use in the classroom.  There are 30 tablets in only one school for now but WE-CARE is seeking means for more tablets for some of her other RL schools.

  3. RL also has a division that teaches teachers  how to make teaching aid using local materials.



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