WE-CARE Library located in Central Monrovia, was the WE-CARE Foundation’s first project. Beginning informally in 1992 during the heat of the Liberian Civil War, the library was formally established in 1995.


It is one of the few libraries in Liberia that is free to the public. Free services include access to books, magazines, novels, daily newspapers, and textbooks used in schools. Additionally, visitors have free access to computers and the internet, space for studying, and round tables and for small group meetings. The library also has a children’s room that can accommodate 25 children.

In 2018, more than 12,000 persons used the facility – an average of 40 persons each day. WE-CARE also establishes libraries and reading rooms in schools (mainly primary education institutions) and distributes free books to these institutions or the libraries for its Reading Liberia program. In all the libraries, including the WE-CARE Library in Monrovia, there is always a special section with textbooks that support the schools' curriculum for the surrounding schools, which usually have no school library or operate with only outdated materials. There are such 12 schools in Central Monrovia where the WE-CARE Library serves as their "library out of school."


There are two community-based libraries, with one in Kakata and the other on the Suakoko Highway in the King Town Community.

Regular programs held at the WE-CARE Library includes:  


Little Rascal Reading Club – Takes place every Saturday for three hours throughout the year. About 15-20 children from Central Monrovia attend and are read to, and have the opportunity to choose their own books to read. After each session, snacks are served. High school volunteers staff the program.


Story Hour For Kids – A vacation reading program that runs for six weeks and is conducted usually in an economically challenged community during the school vacation period. About 200-250 kids attend the program every Saturday, which focuses on reading, writing, and other communication skills. The four-hour session also includes drawing, singing, and playtime. Children also learn basic sanitation and are served snacks.

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